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ACOUSTICS FIRST CORPORATION designs, manufactures and distributes a full range of acoustical materials to control sound and eliminate noise including sound absorbers, diffusers, noise barriers, and vibration control devices. These products are used in RECORDING  & BROADCAST studios for multimedia production, HOME THEATER and critical listening rooms; ARCHITECTURAL applications in AUDITORIUMS & THEATERS, CHURCH & WORSHIP facilities, concert halls, SCHOOLS & MUSEUM, GYMNASIUM & MULTIPURPOSE rooms; EDUCATIONAL and communications functions such as DISTANCE LEARNING classrooms and TELECONFERENCING; and numerous COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL noise control situations.

In the late 1970's, the principals of Acoustics First introduced anechoic wedge foam to the professional audio community as an instant solution to a common acoustical problem.  Acoustics First Corporation was formed in 1997 to continue to bring such innovative products to an even broader market. Our knowledge and experience acquired over more than forty years in the industry is freely shared with our customers to provide the best choice of materials for a particular application.

Acoustics First supplies traditional polyurethane foams, Class 1 Melamine foams, high density fiberglass wall panels covered in Guilford of Maine's FR701 fabric, sound absorbing wall fabrics, mass loaded vinyl barrier materials, diffusers handcrafted from wood or molded from thermoformed plastic, prefabricated low frequency bass traps, sculptured ceiling tiles, decoupling devices, composites and other specialty items. Brand names include Cutting Wedge® foam, Sonora™ wall panels, HiPer Panel™ flat panel diffuser, Cloudscape® ceilings, BlockAid® sound barrier, The Art Diffusor® binary arrays, and Sound Channels® acoustical wall covering. Acoustics First Corporation holds several patents employed in its own products and those of other manufacturers, through license or O.E.M. component sales.

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2247 Tomlynn St
Richmond VA 23230
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