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Southern Electronics

At Southern Electronics located in Richmond, Virginia we offer odometer replacement gears through our website  We stock gears for mechanical speedometers and analog electronic speedometers.  Due to the fact that most speedometer gears fail because they were manufactured with soft plastic that becomes weaker and decays with age, our company offers high quality gears that are machined and uses hard plastic that carry a lifetime warranty. 


We offer our products for many different makes/models:
  • Ford/Lincoln/Mercury
  • Chrysler/Dodge
  • Saturn
  • Volvo/Audi
  • Mercedes/BMW
  • Porsche/other


Nationwide Speedometer 
and Instrument Cluster Repair,
Testing and Calibration Center


Fast, Easy and Reliable Speedometer Repair
On All Makes of Cars, Trucks and Buses.

We Specialize In:

  • GM, Ford, Chrysler, and import electronic instrument cluster repair
    Including speedometer not working Problems

  • Digital speedometers, dash panel repair

  • GM, Ford, Chysler, import analog speedometers, dashboards, and
    instrument panel and IP Repair

  • Mechanical cable drive speedometers
    Classic speedometer repair, antique speedometer repair

  • Vehicle speedometer testing and calibration

  • Ford and GM mechanical cable drive speedometers

  • VDO speedometers, cable drive and electronic
    for BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Saab and Volvo

  • Volvo buses, including Volvo B59, B10M, MK2, MK3, MK4 & B10L buses,
    white trucks and international trucks
    mechanical and electronic instrument panel Repair, IP

  • Volvo Class 8 Trucks Including VN780, VN730, VN670, VN630, VN430
    Volvo Trucks, VNL 300, VNM200, VHD, VHD430

  • White Trucks, Navistar, International Trucks, International School Bus
    Mechanical and Electronic Instrument Panel Repair, IP repair

  • Motorhome and RV including Class A, Class B and Class C
    Mechanical and Electronic Instrument Cluster Repair, Instrument Panel Repair

  • Climate control repair backlighting out and bad pixels
    GM, BMW, E38, E39, MB, Audi, Saab, and Range Rover

  • Information center and information display repair for missing pixels
    for Chevy, GM, BMW, E38, E39, MB, Audi, Saab, and Range Rover

  • Motometer speedometers, cable drives and electronics
    for BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi

  • Taximeter installation and calibration
    from Pulsar and Centradyne.
    Virginia state approved calibration center

  • DMI, distance measuring instruments
    from Nu-Metrics, Nitestar, Vaisala and others

  • Odometer mileage resetting and reprogramming
    (mileage proof required, odometer tampering is a federal crime)

  • Corvette cluster repair, all years

Speedometer Testing and Speedometer Calibration Center

Remember, it's not just the
ticket and court costs...

It's your insurance costs
for the next 5 years!

Our company can test your speedometer calibration accuracy "while you wait" right here in Richmond, Virginia. Please note there is an additional fee to actually correct the inaccuracy if any is found. From tractor-trailers to full-time four-wheel drive vehicles! Plus we are a full service speedometer calibration and repair center.

We Offer
  • Fast turnaround time throughout the US and worldwide.
  • Expert, friendly troubleshooting help.
  • We accept repairs from car dealers and individuals.
  • Odometer programing available with validation.
  • Vehicle speed testing for cars, trucks, and full time four-wheel drive.

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