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By contacting The Law Office of Debra D. Corcoran, you can begin an effective defense to protect your rights.

Here at The Law Office of Debra D Corcoran we have been representing clients for over 20 years with knowledgeable legal and aggressive counsel with major success.


We do not shy away from complex cases related to heinous crimes or violence. It is because we believe in our clients' innocence and also believe that everyone deserves legal counsel, no matter the alleged offense.


Our investigators utilize the following techniques:

  • Interviewing or locating witnesses
  • Obtaining surveillance tapes
  • Doing background checks on prosecution witnesses,
  • Locating favorable evidence
  • Witness prepping in our in-house modular mini-courtroom


Currently we have experienced, long-term, licensed defense investigators and many former career police officers.

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11321 Church Rd
Richmond VA 23233
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